Zebra Monkey

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Product Description

This monkey sports zebra stripes, a purple shirt, and a removable hat in purple and burgundy spirals.

For me, this monkey is a symbol of Rare Disease, for which Zebra is the awareness color. Student doctors are taught "when you hear hoofbeats, think of horses, not zebras." Those of us with rare illness are the zebras, the exceptions to the rule who force doctors to think outside the box and often take longer to diagnose as more common causes for our symptoms are slowly ruled out. I learned to crochet to have something productive to do after a rare neurological headache disorder forced me to stop working at my traditional job. I crocheted this monkey during the 8th anniversary of the start of my disorder. Purple is the awareness color for chronic pain and fibromyalgia, and both purple and burgundy are the colors for headaches. Purple is also the awareness color for a long list of other illnesses and issues, so this monkey can stand in for many different causes. Whether you love monkey for those reasons or you just love monkey's fun zebra stripes, I'm happy either way.

Like all my monkeys, this monkey stands about 18 inches tall. Monkey is made of easy care acrylic and can be machine washed and dried. Monkey is made entirely of yarn and stuffing with no hard plastic parts for baby to tear off and swallow.

Monkeys destined for US addresses will be shipped via priority mail.

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Zebra Monkey Zebra Monkey Zebra Monkey Zebra Monkey Zebra Monkey Zebra Monkey Zebra Monkey