Hand-Crocheted Hats, Scarves, and other Warm Fuzzies For You

This crazy bright monkey is a favorite.

Welcome to Miniature Monkey Creations, where I have harnessed the power of my disabling chronic headache disorder to crochet hats, shawls, and other warm fuzzies for you.

You might notice that my crocheted toys have less detailed faces than some others you've seen. That's because I make toys that are truly meant to be played with, and are not just a decoration to sit on a shelf. Highly detailed handcrafted doll faces are often painted or glued on, making the toy more delicate and not washable. After hand crocheting each piece of your warm fuzzy friend, I sew them together firmly with yarn, not thread, and give everything a tug to make sure it won't come apart in your child's hands. I offer you options for eyes, with embroidered yarn eyes being safest for babies and kids under three, and safety or shank eyes and button eyes available for older kids (or adults!). My toys are made with machine washable acrylic yarn and polyester stuffing so they're easy to clean up if they get drooled on or otherwise dirtied, as kids' toys do. Please feel free to really love your Miniature Monkey Creations!

Your item is crocheted by me in my fur- and tobacco-free home. I do occasionally aerosolize essential oils in my craft room humidifier. Please let me know if you're very scent-sensitive and would like your item washed with scent- and dye-free detergent immediately before shipping.

I work with synthetics and plant fibers, no animal fibers (except in the rare instance where I personally know the spoiled rotten critters they came from, or if they're thrifted or otherwise reclaimed, which will be clear in the listing).

You can see more of my crocheted stuffed animals here https://goo.gl/photos/CoiE7qPMHxBtBp3k9
More of my shawls here https://goo.gl/photos/4R29u257DuyMSvLo9
Stuff with skulls here https://photos.app.goo.gl/YMhDxbau61fKDGwz5
And general work here https://goo.gl/photos/gNJbAh228x7Mhvx99.

I'm happy to remake old projects that appear in my albums but are no longer in my shop. Use the contact tab to reach me and let me know what you'd like.

This shawl was a custom order for a Halloween wedding

I've fallen in love with cables! (Yes, these are crocheted.)

This monkey has a matching blanket. Contact me about a custom order for a special baby in your life.

I love this skull design and want it everywhere! Shawls! Kerchiefs! Blankets??


Seattle, WA, USA

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